Carbon Reinforcement Materials


Please use the quick links below, to view PDF files for all our Carbon Products. These products may be produced with either HSC or HEC carbon fibres.

Uni-directional Reinforcement Fabric

0/90º Woven Reinforcements

Gurit reserve the right to interchange 1000mm and 1270mm alternatives without prior notice

+45º Double Bias Stitched Fabrics

Uni-directional Reinforcement Tapes

Non-crimp plain weave type (Unix) in carbon. Typical uses for these tapes are in the local reinforcement of predominantly glass composite stuctures, where the load paths are known.

+/-45º Double Bias Stitched Tapes

Stiched type in carbon. Typical uses for this tape is in the reinforcement of the joint lines of thick, heavy panels bonded at their edges. Woven from HEC fibres.

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