Epoxy Pigment

SP Epoxy Pigment pastes are reactive pigments designed primarily to give opacity to solvent free epoxy coating and adhesive systems. Because these pigments are reactive, they can replace a proportion of the volume of the resin component in the resinhardener mix, up to a maximum of 10%. The pigmented resin component is then mixed with the hardener of the system at the normal mix ratio for that system. The properties of the cured system will be similar, but not identical, to those shown in a particular system's data table.

Epoxy pigments are available in white, grey and black, each colour being available in two sizes, 0.5kg and 2kg. If other colour surfaces of epoxy coatings or adhesives are required, then these are best achieved by overcoating with a suitable coloured polyurethane paint. Care should be taken with black epoxy systems exposed to direct sunlight as the dark-coloured epoxy will absorb more heat than normal, which could take the temperature of the system above its Tg, causing it to soften.




Pigment 0,5 Kg



Pigment 0,5 Kg



Pigmente 0,5 Kg




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