Ampreg 21


EPOXY WET LAMINATING SYSTEM (replaced by Ampreg 30 since January 2019)
  • Low initial mixed viscosity
  • Good cure progression from ambient only cures
  • Non pigmented Resin and Hardeners
  • Improved Health and Safety
  • Optimised for hand lay-up
  • Excellent fibre wetting
  • Germanischer Lloyd approved
  • Mix ratio of 100:33.3 (by weight)

AMPREG 21 was replaced by Ampreg 30; the new laminating systems offered by Gurit. The low initial mixed viscosity makes this product ideal for wetting out heavyweight fibres/fabrics. It has been designed to give excellent mechanical and thermal properties from both ambient temperature cures and moderate temperature post-cures (50°C / 120°F).

Ampreg 21 is available with a range of hardener speeds from Fast to Extra Slow and has been formulated to give significant improvements to Health and Safety. Ampreg 21 is Germanischer Lloyds approved for certified applications.

Typical Applications

General purpose applications as well as medium to large structures such as boat hulls, buildings and wind turbine blades.




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